Bespoke Robot Fleet Management Solutions

Better integrate your robots into your workflows

Bridge Robotics’ bespoke solutions support you to seamlessly automate your business workflows and take automation to the next level, fully integrating your robots into the operating environment and boost the efficiency of your processes.

Every workflow is unique; Bridge Robotics provide bespoke solutions to meet your exact needs.

Get your fleet working smarter today.

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  • Monitor operations across multiple processes
  • Fully automate robot execution orders
  • Improve the efficiency of your workflows
  • Accelerate the ROI of your robot fleet


  • Integrate with multiple enterprise systems (ERP, WMS, MES)
  • Bespoke information dashboards
  • Customisable call buttons
  • Get notified about critical situations

Robots Supported


Universal Robots

Looking to get more from your fleet of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) or collaborative robots?

Contact us today and find out more about how our bespoke robot-agnostic solutions can help you.

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