Better integrate your robots into your workflows

FleetCommander allows you to seamlessly automate your workflows and take automation to the next level. Fully integrate your robots with the management software system of your organisation, like SAP, and boost the efficiency of your intralogistics processes.


  • Connect your fleet to multiple sources of transport orders
  • Maximise your throughput
  • Eliminate wait times and human errors
  • Improve your overall efficiency
  • Maximise your ROI


  • Customisable off-the-shelf solution
  • Prioritise transport orders from different sources
  • Automate the creation of robot missions
  • No programming needed
  • Quickly and easily adapt to new workflows
  • Enabled for custom connectors

Robots Supported

All MiR models

Ready to get your fleet working smarter?

Choose the FleetCommander edition to suit your needs

  • Server Edition Ready to deploy on your own server, no additional hardware required
  • Desktop Edition Ready to deploy on your own Windows PC, no additional hardware required

See how to integrate your robots with your ERP, WMS or other 3rd-party systems. Start today to boost the efficiency of your workflows.

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