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Automate your workflow with Mobile & Collaborative Robots

 Manage your robots with Robot-Agnostic Solutions

We provide automation solutions with mobile and collaborative robots from multiple manufacturers and suppliers. We work with a growing number of Partners to provide turn-key solutions to your automation needs.

Get the most out of your mobile and collaborative robots in no time with our plug&play solutions to common problems and needs.

Integrate your robots seamlessly into your business processes. We provide bespoke solutions to your specific needs.

All our solutions are based on our robot-agnostic software platform, supporting robots from a growing number of manufacturers, so you can choose the right robot for the job!

RobotOps Analytics – Plug and play! Install, connect and you are ready to accelerate your ROI. Improve the productivity of your robots. Measure your KPIs, detect bottlenecks and optimise operation cycles.
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Bespoke Solutions – Bring automation to the next level! Integrate your robots into your business processes. Fully automate robot execution orders or monitor operations across multiple processes.
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A software platform to run applications for mobile and collaborative robots

Key Features

  • Supports robots from multiple manufacturers

  • Runs robot-agnostic applications

  • Applications easy to manage by the end user

  • Applications easy to build by third-party developers

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