Bridge RoboticsAn application framework and runtime platform to build and manage robot apps easier and faster on your service robots

Developer friendly

No need to be an expert in robotics. With our application framework and easy-to-use class libraries, developing robot apps has never been so easy.

User friendly

Deliver an enhanced user experience to your end users. Let them install, start, stop and manage apps on your robots, just like on any other platform.

Robot agnostic

Apps built with our framework will run seamlessly on every robot powered by bridgeOS. Let your users use your apps on different robots.


Expand the user interaction with your robots by integrating your robot apps with web, mobile and cloud platforms.


We made our framework open for extensions, so you can add custom libraries and expose new skills of the robot to the development of new apps.

Built for ROS

bridgeOS was designed for any service robot running ROS, building on its power, flexibility and worldwide adoption.


Services With our partners or on our own, we provide the best services for the best robotics solutions

To Solution Providers

  • With our development framework, we can address all your needs and help you build your robot agnostic apps, allowing them to run on different robots, saving you time and money.
  • We help integrate your robot apps with web and mobile applications, so you can expand the way users interact with your robots and deliver the best user experience.

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To Robot Owners

  • Extend the lifetime and flexibility of your robots. With bridgeOS you can install new apps on your robots and manage them easily. We are working on robot apps with applications in different fields.
  • Together with our partners we deliver the most flexible and complete robotics solutions, powered by bridgeOS.

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Partners To deliver the most flexible and complete robotics solutions

We are partnering with robot manufacturers and solution providers to deliver the most flexible and complete robotics solutions to end customers.


We are building an ecosystem of robots and applications powered by bridgeOS, to help grow the number of use cases in robotics.

We are now focusing on the service robotics market, more precisely, on mobile robots running ROS.

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